Moorcrofts Means Business

Removing Bias in Recruitment

December 14, 2020 Moorcrofts Season 1 Episode 7
Moorcrofts Means Business
Removing Bias in Recruitment
Show Notes

This episode of the Moorcrofts Means Business podcast sees our Employment Partner, Matt Jenkin, talk with Jonathan Bowring on removing bias in recruitment.  

Matt and Jonathan cover issues such as:  

  • what is the starting point to deal with bias in recruitment
  • how is automatic thinking developed and how can it help us
  • what is unconscious bias
  • how can unconscious bias impact on the recruitment decision; and 
  • how can organisations reduce bias at the recruitment stage.

 Jonathan is a leadership and organisational coach. He's passionate about unlocking potential and helping people think. He speaks and leads workshops on thinking, bias and decision making.

Jonathan was trained at Canon as a mentor, coach and facilitator, and by Henley Business School in executive coaching.

Jonathan's article on making hiring decision resistant to bias can be accessed here:
Making hiring decisions resistant to bias