Moorcrofts Means Business

Starting Out: Start-ups and Beyond

January 08, 2024 Moorcrofts Season 2 Episode 1
Moorcrofts Means Business
Starting Out: Start-ups and Beyond
Show Notes

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our brand-new second series of Moorcrofts Means Business Podcast, aptly entitled 'Navigating the Business Journey from Start-up to Exit and Everything in Between.' 

In this exciting series, our mission is clear: to empower entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers with an arsenal of invaluable insights and expert advice. 

Join us as we delve into the essential facets of not just starting a business but successfully steering it through every stage, from inception to the ultimate exit strategy.

In this first episode of series two, our Corporate Associate, Mohsin Shabbir, engages in a comprehensive discussion titled 'Starting Out: Start-ups and Beyond' with Richard Cooper from Oxford Innovation Finance. 

Tune in as Mohsin and Richard unravel the intricacies of business startup and investment delve into key aspects of business startup and investment, covering:

  • Investment Incentive Schemes, including EIS and SEIS
  • OION and the Oxford Innovation EIS Growth Fund
  • Unlocking the potential of Angel Investment
  • The importance of having the correct business structure in place
  • Navigating due diligence
  • Pitfalls and red flags to avoid

This episode provides a wealth of information and expertise to entrepreneurs and investors alike, offering valuable guidance for those embarking on their business journey.